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mmry is a search engine for all the things you have already seen. Traditional search engines (like the big G) are great for discovery. But sometimes we want to search for specific things that we've already interacted with online.

A browser showing a search engine with search results

Accessible Search

You should be able to search your own data. Big tech companies often keep data inaccessible

Privacy First

We take privacy very seriously. Unlike many free services we don't monetize your data

Keyboard Centric

Never leave your keyboard. We try to make mmry as keyboard-friendly as possible


Add your own custom data via our API (coming soon)


Digital Memory Loss

All our data and digital interactions are spread out online. Consider how many likes, upvotes, saves, you've given; how many articles you've read; how many notes you've written.

Yet, so much we lose access to — or simply don't remember how to find. Where did I read that? Where did I write that note?

It starts with a tap

...and an interaction is captured. A tap that we are likely already giving. Who says we need more? We can skip bookmarking! We can skip google-ing later to find some niche result.

A single tap is all we need...

Connect Once

Choose from a list and configure all providers only once. We will take care of syncing up with their APIs in the background.

Inbox user interface
Inbox user interface

Search Unified

Search through results from all providers together from one single search bar. Instantly!


Crystal Clear Risk-Free Pricing

Our product costs money, and in our industry that's a good thing. We don't display ads. We don't monetize your data. We want users that enjoy our products. Unhappy? Let us know and we'll issue a refund — no questions asked.



Connect up to 3 Providers



Connect as many providers as you want


Does your company need a more customizable solution? Are you a student in search of a discount? Or do you just want to chat about search engines and NLP?


Any Provider You Can Imagine

We are constantly adding new providersWe aim to provide indexing for all possible data sources.


Your likes, your tweets, your follows


Your articles


Your upvotes, your saves


Your starred repositories


Your pages

Ready to get started?We are looking for users for alpha testing